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mmmm yes we’re not the ‘worst’ but for a capital city in europe it is a tad embarrassing when you have to tell visitors that there is no rail link to the airport, that you have no idea how long it will take them to get to the airport depending on traffic, that there is no metro/tram system, that everything involves car/bus gridlock etc etc

but no point complaining… LUAS is a start… and when one sees the cost of Ardnacrusha back then, one really has to think that it is worth borrowing now and build the damn metro NOW… the city will benifit from it for over 100 years so its worth going out on a limb and increasing the national debt…

maybe we need a brave figure to put their neck on the line and say ‘bollix to all the bregrudgers, we are going to build the thing now… tomorrows generation will benifit from it so they can help pay for it too…’

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