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I don’t know how many of you actually rely on public transport, but talk of mag-lev trains and automatic buses for Dublin is like saying we should be shipping caviar and quail’s eggs to the starving in Ethiopia.
We have the worst public transport in the developed world.
I would be delighted if anyone could say I’m wrong on this as it may make my dismal, rainswept daily wait for my late, packed, smoke-filled bus a bit more fun if I can imagine some Pole or Dutchman is having it a bit worse.
I don’t want a magic flying train to get me to work, I just want my feckin bus to come on feckin time, preferably at regular, short intervals, with seats, and no-one sneaking a fag down the back with the windows all shut, no ridiculous detours, a driver with a grasp of basic manners, and maybe the ability to operate the side door switch.
The only way public transport in this country can work is by shutting down CIE and starting from scratch. We don’t need sci-fi solutions, we need a new crowd of people to figure out how to make what we have work, and then let’s see what to do next.

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