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I don’t know if I should be glad leaving college in one year with all these predictions from the market…but I experienced a very good work this summer (finally I found an office) in Ireland! It gave me lots of motivation and new ideas. Rita, what went wrong concering the nationality and quality?
Now, back in college I can see that Germany has lost its creativity…or maybe it never had – in comparison with France, Poland and Ireland!
Even in structural design our teachers can’t really give a useful advice…and I heard all over Europe that Germany had a good reputation about technologies, quality and structure…. I am quite disappointed at the moment because we are just copying existing structures. It seems to me that there is no demand for innovation and new experience. Usually this should be the thread in education, shouldn’t it? Maybe somenone can tell me something about the architecture studies at the DIT… How are you getting support from your teachers or other faculties when working on a new scheme in construction (for example, experimental projects or wide spans, free standing walls )??? Does form follow function? or can form follow imagination?

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