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J. Seerski

Honestly, commercialism is the bane of O’Connell Street.

To think one of the most ornate buildings on the street is to become a dire Paddy Powers is perhaps the last straw.

And while Dublin City Council may waffle on and on about having little arbitary power as to the use of buildings on O’Connell Street, they have no excuse when it comes to shopfronts. Since the regeneration programme has been launched, Ann Summers have erected their corporate logo as their shop signage. The same has applied to Abrakebabra, Funland….etc. etc. etc. These shopfronts need planning permission, and as such they were granted by the corpo!!!
If anyone has been to Regent Street in London you will realise that all shopfronts have the same name typeset – and no corporate logos – to ensure uniformity and style. If this was applied to O’Connell Street it would be devoid of neon, plastic, yellow and red signs with a luvvely corp. logo attachment.

It belies all logic that such rubbish continues to proliferate on O’Connell Street.

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