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I think Frank MacDonald’s piece is very restrained.
Fact is, with a piece as minimalist as the Spike, the quality of the finish and attention to detail are everything. In this respect, we didn’t get what we were promised.
If the original artwork had shown a streaky, dirty pole with a tacky wrapping-paper design on the base, clearly visible joins all the way up, a completely unecessary ‘avaiation’ light 50 metres off the ground, a harsh white light-bulb effect on top, and no external floodlighting, would it have been built?
The fact that it sometimes look alright when the sun shines the right way isn’t good enough for a gigantic monument in the middle of our main street!
Get out the mops and buckets, tell the Irish Aviation Authority to stick their ‘safety’ lights and bring Ian Ritchie in front of a Tribunal, I say…

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