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I saw the over-rated ‘cast bronze base’ and it just looked like an ordinary paving grill, that one see around a tree…. (but we lack them here too, a plonk of tar does the job). So much for the fancy talk and the original concept of having Mercury and lighting in it’s base. I saw the surface of the spire itself too and they never even cleaned it …..there is a marked contrast between the recently uncovered part and the part that has been exposed to the elements. So much for the reports of it being self cleaning and getting an odd polish now and again…..but since they can’t even polish it up for it’s opening ceremony ……well sure who cares, no one does ….fuck it all.
We deserve what we get here in Ireland….I’m sure the LUAS will be a disappointment too……sure wait till it’s vandalized as well. What a waste of money.
The out going Lord Mayor Dermot Lacey summed it all up in his naive and ignorant character when he objected to the proposal initially but on it’s opening was singing it’s praises. What an artless man of no vision like all of the TD’s and councillors that riddle our country. So much for our new Lord Mayor Royston Brady….no doubt he’ll be another dim witted artless clone.
Me…I’m off to join the masses of not giving a shite about anything either.

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