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Oh of course, how could I forget the exquisite concrete slabs. Sure they’ll change the perspective entirely!

I know yes, the concrete is only temporary and yes, granite will be laid, but nothing, nothing can change this part of the project which has gone horribly wrong.

It is essential that you see it in ‘real life’ to see how proposterous it is in relation to the overall sculpture.

I brought a friend to see it today and all he could do was laugh and laugh and laugh.

WHAT! Thats it?! What happened to it? Why does it stop so suddenly? What the hell is that supposed to represent?! And you say that change in colour is a deliberate feature?! It just looks manky! That ‘pattern’ ruins the whole thing! Auggh its terrible now!

Many unrepeatable remarks were also audible from passers-by (although thats hardly a first)

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