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Originally posted by kefu

“The report also explains why no historical tag has been attached.
It is forward looking and aspirational, not retrospective and historic in intent.”

100% in agreement, as posted below. nice to be looking forward instead of rooting ourselves in the past, as we as a nation are prone to do.

Originally posted by ro_G In terms of it’s effect on Dublin – it is visible from all over the city and is visible to all. It is bound to have much more impact, positive or negative, on the greater population. While I also like the sculptures you mention, they all represent the past, and arte looking back and are about heritage. But i want to look forward too, to a future Dublin.

See, theres two broad options for people of our age, stay here and make the best of the country or leave for other parts of teh worth. Neither makes one person better than the other, and i’m not implying that it does, but for the people who are living here and plan to live here long term it is, in short, inspiring to have such a monument that is not looking to the past but to the future, to future regeneration, to future tearing down of north/south dublin divides, to bury the sackville place legacy behid us. God knows, the streets of Dublin have enough reminders of the past.

wow – i was getting very high-horsey that day! 😮

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