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The way I see it is we have four options;

A After its creator –Richies tower – no thanks

B After a deserving unappreciated, plenty of them in Ireland but the who and why arguement is endless and pointless

C In 20th century abstracted style, eg. ‘monument of light’ being the closest I’ve heard to this method. However over the last 70 years or so this type of titleing has become pastiche.

D Which only leaves one other option. The pop approach. I’m not familiar with any piece of public art that has been named by pop public response. The title of ‘the Spike’ is certainlty not abstract or positivly symbolic etc, its obviously quite crude. But it is a populist gut reaction to a piece of art and I think this ‘tart with the cart’ analogy would be interesting to explore.

Art has become more interested in audience reaction over composition in the last few years in its tireless search to represent society. Architecture however is the only artform that strives to show society as it should be! every other medium shows society as it is. In debating a contrived name for the piece we are following the habitual (and valid) utopian response of architecture when this is in fact a piece of art. So an ‘official’ title is an insult to the piece as it fundamentally doesnt understand the whole point of art.

So can we please stop worrying about being a laughing stock! Its time for us to stop having such a regional attitude in this country towards art and especially architecture, I think the real reason we would be a laughing stock is because were always so bloody worried about what the neighbours think we are scared to make our own valid decisions.

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