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Originally posted by AndrewP
It might have been wise to dedicate the pillar to someone else, but where do you stop this architectural revisionism?
People seem happy enough to keep the name for the Wellington Monument without feeling their Irishness under threat.
Funny how we haven’t had a sustained campaign of blowing up old Brit postboxes by the IRA since independence. Presumably they don’t mind using them to send letter bombs.
By the way, I can’t get them smiley face things to work when I want to show I’m half-joking…!

thats a shame Andrew becuase i half expect one after every post :);)

anyhow, I think some people may have a dislike of wellington (mostly if not exclusively for his horse/stable comment) but i think youll find attitudes toward a(n) (irish born) character of that sort would differ to those toward th british monarch and King William….

*No smileys*


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