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My secret shame, I was watching Questions & Answers last night, and suffice to say when the issue of the Spire arose, the usual hacks spun out the usual crap. Out of the 5 panelists & a 60 person audience, the grand total of 1 proclaimed to be in favour of the project. Comments included the usual:

“We could fund 40 hospital beds with 4 million”

“Disgraceful expenditure of public funds when people are homeless in the streets”

“At a time of cutbacks, to be spending this amount…”

“It dosn’t even connect with the people with a basic viewing platform”

And blah blah blah blah blah.

The only opposing view came from presenter John Bowman!, who suggested that we sell all the paintings in the National Gallery and spend the funds on the Health Service, at which point everyone became strangely meek…..

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