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Nearly exactly the same assembly process!

I was on the Street this morning, and the first time I have seen it in dazzling sunshine, it looks spectacular!!! It stands out like a beacon between buildings & streets, over the highest terraces and pierces into the smallest of gaps, vistas and vantage points. It’s blinding to look at, esp coming up Nth Earl Street, and just gets bigger and bigger as you approach (obviously!).

I’m pleased to see that those smudges and streaks mentioned many times before, appear, in the bright sunshine, simply to be markings caused by the wrapping, and will be polished off, although the factory joins are still evident; I’ll let them away on that, only barely though!

In Washington, no building is allowed to be over 14/15 storeys so as not to be taller than the dome of the Capitol Building, will similar priviliges be granted to the Spire? (discounting the Poolbeg Chimneys of course)

Its 14.28, looking out my window, no movement on crane yet.

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