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Thanks for the posting Paul.

I have read that article 2 or 3 times now and I have no idea what this ‘journalist’ is on about.

All sounds very intelectual with lots of big words but absolutely pointless.

It’s really a case of damned if you do or damned if you don’t for Dublin Corpo.

They are entrusted with trying to improve the city. This spire will be a major asset to the city.
The €5m or so being spent on this project is peanuts when compared to all the tribunals that have happened in the past. €5m will not go anywhere to solving the social problems in the city. Money will not stop people buying drugs or sleeping on the street nor will it improve the efficiencies of a health system.

Anyhow, what else do they want instead of the spire to represent the country? An unspiring statue of Eamon DeValera, that would be covered in pigeon shit within a month? A giant crucifix? Roy Keane or Gay Byrne?
A statue of an altar boy surrounded by lusting priests?

These critics who just criticise for the sake of it really piss me off!

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