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GregF: I couldn’t agree more. This has really taken balls to go ahead with this one. It is futuristic, stylish and innovative, and hopefully is the first step in turning O’Connell St into the focal point of the city it should be.
All those people saying that the money should be spent on the homeless of hospitals are talking through their arses. The amount of money spent on this project would not have any effect on the social problems of the city and if their logic was to be extended further then we would live in a world that did not know, The Eiffel Tower, Colloseum in Rome, Pyramids, Big Ben etc (Don’t forget Liberty Hall 🙂 )
I really hope the people of Ireland (not only Dublin) take this monument to their hearts and see it is a symbol of a change from the poverty stricken backward country that it was on its to way to a wealthy modern and exciting nation that we should be!

Go on the Spike!

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