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Originally posted by Paul Clerkin

I would just like to point out that we didn’t erase anything.

no i accept that Paul, cheers I meant rather that it sometimes deosnt run smoothly this site, and having posted it, I got a duff page, and when i went back to the page on which i had typed it originally it was gone, and i could nto be bothered to repeat it!


Of course my world is insignificant. It is not the one you pervade. The one of ‘sure it’s all shite isn’t it’. the post colonial mind that once independence has been achieved tries to gain the upper hand by being like the previous oppressors. Your opinions that everyone in Dublin is just happy with everything no matter how bad it is may not be compleytely off the wall, but why continuously turn to the childish west brit rhetoric that its ‘cos were little old Ireland’. IF, and its a big IF, this is the case, surely YOU, are intent on changing things through your arhcitectural nous (are you an architect) or are you happy to have petty arguments online?

I am neither an architet nor an expert in urbn planning, but I do have an appreciation of good architecture and public buildings.

You seem to think that a simple improvement to Dublins architectural inadequacies would be some high-rise buildings. Of course, there have been thousands of minds that have designed skyscrapers for Dublin, but they obviously came to the wise conclusion that, correctly it would be frankly ridiculous to have one or two buildings over 150m in Dublin, with its low skyline. Perhaps you know better.

So architecture is an outward reflection of a society, indeed it is a reflection of civilization itself’
Well lets not start a ‘quotes’ battle as Im sure you understand I could find a quote to prove that the world is indeed flat.

I will say however that there is already some great architecture in Ireland, although a lot of it is pre-1922 so I suppose you wouldnt count that would you. Is James Gandon not British enough for you either?

Self-criticism is always necessary of course, but poisonous self-loathing is not really the way to do it.


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