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Keep living in your little land of insignificance Ciaran O………and sure ‘everything will be grand’ won’t it.
‘Ye’ll never improve yourself if ye cannot first critisize yourself’… who said that, David Brent ye say?…….Buddha?……..or was it Roy Keane?……but I suppose people have different levels of standards and standards of levels.
Sorry for offending your patriotic sensibilities but it’s such sensibilities that has kept dear old Ireland backward for years Ciaran …..and it can be seen in the standard of architecture which is around you today, but that’s if you open your eyes. It is plain as the nose on your face.
‘Architecture is an outward reflection of a society, indeed it is a reflection of civilization itself’…..I think Plato said that or was it John Fitzgerald.

A Spire, A Spire, Aspire.

Profound or Profane!

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