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I always hark on about this….and will repeat myself again……but in our short lived boom, whilst we wallowed in millions and a good life was to be there to be grasped by all, we had many new landmarkish developments proposed for Dublin city centre. Prominent among them being the Spire which is near completion, 2 bridges by reknowned architect Calatrava ….one of which is near completion, the ill-fated National Conference Centre designed by reknowned Irish/American architect Kevin Roche which would have enlivened the now emerging boring docklands, a National Stadium and sports campus proposed by the government but shot down, the port tunnel and the LUAS to relieve traffic congestion now under construction and a Metro for the city centre which is not.
All major projects that should have been built… add significantly to the capital city. A fool would have objected to the lot and such is the great loss to our still ‘provincial British city’.

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