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There is the small matter of constucting a plaza around existing trees, you know what they say about the tip of the iceburg, the really messy part comes when you have to relay all the utility conduits around a mature root system. It would be a complete disaster from an engineering viewpoint and they would would probably be irrepairably damaged by the same contractors responsible for destroying so much of the City’s original kerb stone paving etc.

I feel that these trees would be a small price to pay for an extension of the Plaza concept, bearing in mind that the Parnell St/Sq area is un-inviting enough as it is on Aestetic grounds.
This must be considered within the context of the Fingal CoCo offices, Findlater House and the Royal Dublin Hotel as being amongst the most visually accessible features from the Gpo at present.

I take on board what you say about the state of maturity of the trees that have been planted on the Plaza, I like them more for this reason as it almost gives the feeling of them being plants or shrubs suited to a confined space where as trees are in my opinion more suited to suburban style avenues such as Northumberland Road or Lower Drumcoundra Rd. Mature trees are seldom seen at the core of major ‘Urban Centres’

I don’t think that the trees should be just hacked down, but rather should be removed and replanted elsewhere, if these trees are of historical significance maybe a spot in the Croppies acre would be appropriate where visitors to the National Museum could view them.

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