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Start with the trees and design around them?
Can I point out that the street came before the trees, and anyone with eyes in their head can see how much it’s already opened up thanks to the felling – the original vision for the street.
Anyway, there are only a handful left now at the top and bottom of the street and it would look ridiculous if they were retained.
Perhaps the people writing on this site are consistent in their opinions because they are the only ones dealing with fact and common sense instead of the hysteria and misinformation peddled by the bandwagoneers and busybodies.
As others have said, nobody even noticed that most of the trees were already gone, and the inference has to be made that nobody cared.
Images of the proposed redevelopment – minus all old trees- have been in circulation for YEARS without so much as a murmur from the Greens or anyone else.
“Consistency” implies that everybody contributing to this debate here is an architect. Well, I’m not.
By the way, does anyone have Marian Finucane’s e-mail address?

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