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On a related issue, the OPW are to sell their 1 acre yard/warehouse site in the centre of Dublin off Ely Place/Baggot St. It’s expected to raise 15 million at auction for the state, to be used in the refurbishment of local Garda Stations. Yet again, prime state assets are being pawed off for political purposes, no money for refurbishments, sell off some prime real estate now, instant cash, and stuff future generations.

Why can’t the City Council take over this land, 1 acre remember, and develop it for much needed social & affordable housing. At a time when Dublin is sprawling like wildfire to Cork, Galway and Dundalk, and when there is a dire need for building land in and around Dublin for the CC to build upon, it is a disgrace, nonsenseical & crazy to be selling this land off speculatively.

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