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what sort of thesis are you doing? archtiectural, planning? its a pretty tough area to carry out a project with the general lack of context, boundary, etc, always think its one of those funny areas in any city, around the railway yards.

If its an architectural thesis, there was one thesis done in this area in Bolton Street last year. it was some sort of religious centre and was located on Steeven’s Lane i think is the name of the street. it runs from Heuston Station up in front of Dr. Steeven’s Hospital. the site was in behind that big wall which runs around from the corner from the quays.

If you head into the library in Bolton Street, you should find plenty of site analysis in that thesis book that may give you some pointers on information to be found relating to the area.

UCD did a study on the River and the quays a few years back and one of the areas picked was an area from the Royal Hospital to the Wellington Monument in the Pheonix Park, including the station lands.

The digital hub is further to the southwest of heustan and lies in two blocks of land on either side of Thomas Street, in the area around the Guiness Storehouse. i think it may be under the Department of the Taoiseach, but if you search under the government website you’ll find info. They have brochures and the like to send out to interested parties.

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