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Have a look at page three of the Irish Times. Public transport at breaking poiint in Dublin?
The infuriating thing about reading ‘news’ stories like this is that anyone who has to commute more than a couple of miles has been living with this for years and has been telling anyone who will listen that it’s going to get worse.
You might as well run a story headed ‘trouble brewing in the middle east’.
If planning in this country was just plain bad, that would be one thing. No, planning has come up with a way of crippling Dublin that’s so efficient, it almost seems deliberate.
-Focus all major housing development in LA-style suburban sprawl 20 and 30 miles form the capital
-Don’t put any jobs or facilities in the new centres so they have to go to the city every day
-Make sure traffic all feeds into national routes in and out
-Start massively disruptive infrastructure projects all at the same time, to proceed with excruciating sloth over many years
-Have worst public transport system in Europe, forcing more and more cars onto the roads etc etc.
I presume the people who can change this have to use the same roads as the rest of us. Maybe it’s easier to ignore the traffic when you’re snoozing in the back of your ministerial car…

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