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Andrew Duffy

There is a precedent, particularly in Australian citites, that when a high landmark is built by the city no buildings taller than it are granted permission. While the tall landmark is usually an observation tower, the 122m Southbank development would just beat the 120m spike. That may actually influence a decision, because while the spike will be by no means the tallest structure in the city it will certainly be advertised as that (like the not-actually-tallest Smithfield tower and Gravity bar).
Applying for permission for a building almost as tall as the tallest is a common ploy, even here: the George’s Quay tower is under a meter shorter than Liberty Hall, and Tara St. train station will be barely higher.
I’m not sure about a 120m height restriction; I think the docks (the real docks around ringsend, not the DDDA docks in the city centre) could go a lot taller but the inner city should probably top out at about 80m or so.

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