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That’s very true what you say ……but however I would’nt use our ‘NO NO NO’ Northern brethern as role models …..
I mean it is all part of the Peace process to help reconstuct society there in ‘Norn Iron’…..Investment in leisure facilities is a key to help heal the rift up there between the communities……..We on the other hand are left to our own devices…..and of course we make a b*****ks of things but we don’t have the gentle nudge in the back as like what our brothers and sisters in Ulster have from the Brits the USA and Ourselves.
They also have a bigger pool of money to splash about from the Lotto funds becuse of the more substantial population of the whole of Britain….where as we only have a minute fraction in comparison.
Pity about the loss of our National Conference Centre………but look at Croke Park what we have……….you could fit 3 Windsor Parks in there. We are no longer are the poor bogger Free Staters……okay there are still one or two turnips about here.
How about Windsor park being used as an alternative venue to Landsdowne Road whilst they redevelop it………
Good on Armagh yesterday winning the All-Ireland… was a great victory for the underdog, the whole island and sport………however I did ‘nt see any of Trimble’s or Paisley’s gang there ……and they had the right opportunity to wear their Orange sashes too.

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