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I think their demolition is more about ‘cleansing’ the area, than it is about rejuvinating it. Whereas I fully welcome the creation of a substantial residental element in the city centre, and so close to Luas, these buildings could be completely redeveloped and refurbished without their demolition, including retail elements.

Thanks for these dates – the brickwork seemed to date from the 30s or 50s, as did the windows, but the doorcases caused confusion with some appearing older than others. Presumably this is why the CC only wanted to delist the doorcases a while back.

I think curious is the appropriate term for describing this terrace, they are probably the only significant example of neo-Georgian (ok more pastiche than neo) in Dublin from this period, built at a time when so much of the real Georgian city was just about to be pulled down.

I agree about the Mercer St hospital extention. At least the recent cleaning of the facade and painting of the windows was carried out well. It looks stunning now.

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