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If they build the airport link on time, that will be sufficient. The extension to Shanganagh is hardly of vital importance considering it will serve (according to the DTO map) only Leopardstown, Galloping Green, Carrickmines, Loughlinstown and Shankill. Proper park & ride on either the DART line or at LUAS at Sandyford is sufficient here. The Blanchardstown extension is also relatively unnecessary considering the already existing Maynooth line, which should be upgraded to an every fifteen-minute service.

Also, has anyone else noted the fact that many of the major transport infrastructural projects, both LUAS lines, the completion of the M50 and so on are really only of use to the Southside. It’s about time the emphasis was placed on Northside. The airport rail link plus further down the line a line to Abbotstown and the stadium should now be the priorities.

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