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Had my lunch in the fantastic little “Nude” cafe at the base of the towers… The quality of the Landscaping / Canopies / paving has to be seen to be believed… The claim that George’s Quay is a “Cheap” copy of a typical corporate american tower is proved to be rubbish when the building is viewed close up – In materials and workmanship it’s clear that no expense has been spared and the numerous playful details, such as the fin walls with bands of rough stone resting on a base of glass, the elegant canopies and particularly the “Nude” outlet – with its entirely opening wall of glass – reflect the high quality of design and execution.

Overall the form of the building creates a strong visual image for Dublin. The latest carlsberg billboard ad “bus route” has the George’s quay tower in the background and not only is it immediately recognisable but it also looks fantastic. To compare the building to Cesar Peili’s Canary Wharf (much derided as being a dwarf itself in it’s day) is to completely misread the form. It’s not a heroic prism thrusting toward the sky – it’s a cluster of deftly proportioned elements that read as a crystaline sculpture. viewing from different angles creates different impressions. As well as this the “cluster” aspect allows the height and bulk of the building to blend much more easily into the context.

It’s easy to criticise this building on a purely superficial level – as so many posting on this forum have done (it’s negative impact on Trinity College being one of the more ridiculous claims) – but familiarity (as in walking past every morning, lunchtime and evening of every working day) has led me to appreciate that there is both quality and substance embodied in the George’s Quay tower.

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