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Croker is indeed a fantastic development… people can say all they want about the GAA being a backward organisation but when it comes to capital developments they are so far ahead of the FAI and IRFU that it is not even funny…

I think it is quite interesting to note that there has been very little talk of the exact cost of the new Hogan Stand. If one remembers, the GAA were very forthcoming with the cost details of the new Cusack, i.e. £35million with 50% of the cost coming from the corporate sections etc. The fact that Sisk got the contract without it going to tender is understandable, and rising costs were to be expected, but it would be interesting to know how much ít cost in the end… well worth it of course as the GAA have a real use for such a big stadium…

One has to wonder therefore the eventual cost of any Stadium Ireland development, taking into account the time it will take to build it and inflation (was told by a QS some time back that it was running at 1% per month !!).

Interesting article in todays (Saturday) Indo about the ‘White Elephants’ the World Cup stadiums in Japan are turning into… Just hope Bertie gets his head together and builds a decent 50,000 stadium in a central location in Dublin…

“World Cup stadiums turn to empty white elephants”

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