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So there goes the Scots/Irish Euro 2008 bid……..sure were we ever in the running? Seems that we could’nt fulfill our side of the bargain by delivering at least a couple of stadia. The Jocks have Hampden, Parkhead, Ibrox…..etc etc but we could’nt deliver even one….such was our apathy and stubborness. Well done to Mary Harney and the Regressive Democrats for enabling us to lose this high profile international event. Well done to Minister McDowell for once describing the Bertie Bowl as something out of the Ceaucescu era. How was it then that they were backing the proposal of a National Stadium for Ireland a day before UEFA announced the venue. The wooly headed GAA’s attitude did’nt help either. The Europeans were only too aware of inept Irish poltical and sporting shennanigans. I feel sorry for the Jocks. Our Paddy Blarney charm charade did’nt work this time. Maybe take a leaf out of the steely Teutonic peoples book and we might start to get things done properly in this State of Inertia.

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