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From 1971:

3. Mr. Davern asked the Minister for Health if he is aware of the serious lack of accommodation for nurses at Cashel Hospital, County Tipperary; and, if so, what immediate steps he intends to take to rectify the matter.

Minister for Health (Mr. Childers) Erskine Hamilton Childers

Minister for Health (Mr. Childers): Certain proposals have been submitted to my Department for the provision of staff accommodation. It is necessary to consider carefully siting proposals in the light of any possible development at the county hospital. I am arranging that a meeting will be held soon between the officers of the local authority and officers of my Department to discuss the position in detail.

Mr. Davern Mr. Davern

Mr. Davern: Is the Minister aware of the immediate danger of the loss of staff from the county hospital through lack of suitable accommodation for these people and would he agree that this has for too long been overlooked by the Department?

Mr. Childers Mr. Childers

Mr. Childers: On the 5th May, 1970 the county council submitted some revised sketch for the extension of the nurses’ home. What we are trying to do is to consider a flatlet building which has been very successful in Sligo. If this is placed within the hospital grounds there will be a further area available within the hospital grounds possibly for some other development. We are discussing it as rapidly as we can.

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