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Luke Gardnier

Present day Irish pub culture would not even be recognised by someone who left Ireland only 10 years ago. Massive drinking blocks getting bigger and bigger. We can remember the original Temple Bar (the old Flannery’s) compared to what it is today. The all new Submarine Bar in Kimmage (with its Corporate Boxes) that was flashed around the world on Sky News no doubt great crack if you are with a crowd of 2000 +
(nearly bigger than some LOI grounds) and enjoying the Ole Ole side of the World Cup but no everyone’s idea of a venue to watch and analyse with your mates a football match. What use to be Irish pub culture and in particular Dublin pub culture is fading away rapidly due simply to the existing publican cartel.

By the way well done St Pat’s on knocking out one of Croatia’s top sides in the Inter Toto Cup yesterday in Inchicore any football fan siting in front of the telly for the last month would have enjoyed this local live virtually unknown international match. Roll on next to Belgium and FC Ghent next Saturday a side with 3 internationals but the Saints have Charlie Livingstone.

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