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The £1 billion cost for the Stadium Ireland project was very significantly exaggerated in the first place.
And it must be remembered includes the relocation of the State Laboratories, estimated at £140 million plus, the redevelopment of the existing infrastructure, the provision of a rail station at Abbotstown on the existing Maynooth train link, a 50-metre swimming pool, landscaped gardens over a vast area, huge amounts of office space and so on ad nauseum. The stadium itself would cost nowhere near the magical figures being put across by both the newspapers and opposition parties.
Also, most of the stadia in the Far East are of capacity between 40,000 to 60,000. The cost rises exponentially according to size and Stadium Ireland was supposed to be 80,000 though that will almost certainly be scaled down very significantly as part of the FF/PD negotiations.
I’d also be curious to know how much difference our inflated construction costs would make. I’m almost sure it would be cheaper to build a major project in Korea, but doubt that this would be the case in Japan.
I think crucially it is worth remembering that the stadium itself has never been put out to tender. There is no design, only a concept picture used by the management company. The tendering process would be the only true indicator of what we are actually talking about in terms of cost.

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