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Enough negative crap, we now have before us a chance to build an Irish stadium that can be a great place, where the architecture is part of the experience. The transport links have to be part of the game. The edge city site offers as many advantages as disadvantages. Crowd surges from a stadium are not such friendly things for the neighbors in city centres no matter how much attendees may enjoy the journey to and from the stadium.

The arena should be in the heart of the city somewhere. Docklands could be good for architecture, but access might be a problem. An arena should have an event of some kind nearly every night so it becomes an energy generator for city life. Therefore, the closer to the urban core the better. Capacity is much smaller than a stadium so crowds are not such an issue. Arenas have had a positive effect on surrounding development and property values in many places where they have been built in city centres.

However, be careful when thinking arenas are profitable property developments. This is almost never the case.

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