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sorry rob, but i dont think anyone really believes the other lot would have done any better than Bertie and friends…remember the rainbow?? – Labour sound like they have some good policies but were in government for 5 stratight years, first with the F’in F’ers and then with the F’in G-obshites before handing over a crumbling health service / public transport system to the FF/PD coalition – hardly inspires confidence in their ability does it?

And seing as i mentioned FG…have they been taking something lately ?…between promising to pay kids to stay in school, refunding eircom losses, tripling the first time buyers grant and providing free travel on Dublin Bus between 10 and 4…even i can see that there is no way in hell we could afford such election gimicks.

I’m happy enough – the Luas tracks are already laid right beside my house and house prices are rocketing in my area as a result 🙂

I never thought i would vote for FF – I am doing so mainly to keep the Sinn Fein guy out (him and the F’in F’er are neck and neck in the polls) but also because i wan’t to see the National Stadium built.

Landsdowne is embarressing and whilst it would be nice to have our National Stadium on that site, nobody has addressed the question of where we would play whilst it was being constructed.

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