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Rory W

Not that I support FF – I just wish that infrastructure (especially public transport) was actually built and not just talked about.

Why oh why (Daily Mail bit here) does every change of government involve taking what bit of infrastructure is planned by the last stopping any movement on it (whilst they re-examine it – i.e. rename a few stops on the metro line) and the relaunch the project, usually just before the next change of government, when the process begins again and continues ad nauseum.

If a company in the private sector operated like this they would have gone to the wall years ago. I think all infrastructure and in particular public transport building should have the politics taken out of it and a company (PPP) with teeth should be given the opportunity to develop it in its entirety – the government should step back and let it run at arms length from the govt. Just make sure they have to do urgent stuff like metro & luas immediately!

But then again I’m an optimist

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