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you sound suprised by the suggestions made here. maybe you could be so bold as to suggest just what the ‘Irish Venacular’ is….I would definitely be interested in your definition.

as well, are you aware of some planning constraints in Dublin that I am not? your comments suggest that there are planning issues here in Ireland….show me where? I think that the riot this past weekend is a clear example of how the public feels about planning issues in this conurty…I have been working here for 5 years, and I am still not sure the exist….your not refering to a little set of rules that planners pull out of their back pockets when they feel it is neccessar….are you?

Have you been to Asia? They are far more advanced in the construction and design trade….we could do ourselves a huge service by looking at their process… yourself a favour and jump outside the box for a second……you might like what you see.


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