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Ireland on Sunday seemed to be making a big deal out of this. I don’t trust that newspaper – it’s really just a badly written tabloid.

But their info is probably correct. The thing to remember is that they’re only talking about a single sliproad leading from churchtown road to the dundrum road into town (see below). The rest of the bridge is fine.

Can it be that hard to lower that little piece of road??? Anyone who’s seen the phenomenal work they’ve been carrying out lately wuold take this as the smallest of problems that can certainly be carried out with very little disruption (work on the bridge so far has caused very little disruption in general).

Below you’ll see a current photo of the night work on the bridge and a detail showing the corner where the road is too high.

(sorry about all the pictures – I’m having a very pictured week)

(oops – image lost in a server incident – click my www link below for the photos)

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