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Rory W

The bridge is short enough not to be dramatically affected by winds – its not one of those 1/4 mile suspension bridges that rarely get blown away by tornados in the States – when was the last time we got one of those (and dont say hurricane Charlie)

Fire on a bridge stranded train (no need to capitalise – the net version of shouting) – could happen on any bridge – what about the 9 arches bridge in Milltown (Or Drogheda Bridge) a much longer bridge with a greater drop to the ground or perhaps in a steep railway cutting where you can’t climb the sides(I’d prefer to take my chances with the Taney Road Bridge myself)

I’m sure that the bridge will be designed and built to withstand strong winds – and if needs be – closed should tornados become prevalent in this country (which is impossible). Thats what engineers are there for.

From the way you make the luas sound all you need is an outbreak of germ warfare and we have the 70’s disaster movie “The Cassandra Crossing”.

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