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This is perhaps the most difficult question that an architect is requested to answer. How long is a piece of string? Each site, programme, builder, architect and other combination will conspire to provide a building that is more expensive than expected. Broad outline costs of between €900 and €1200 per sq metre for a “typical” 2 storey residence are only accurate when the actual project is completed. Extras such as kitchens, bathrooms and other accessories often distort this reality. The only way to achieve real savings and real architectural invention is to encourage alternative means of expression and construction. Most clients are however not brave when investigating this option since it means departing from the known and the representative values of the society at large. If re-sale is the end view this is perhaps one of risk, even though “architect designed” is often used as a byline in the sales brochure. Perhaps “architect designed” does incur an added value component. As for commissioning such work, perhaps clients of the above persusaion, interested in commissioning new work (even budget work) could ask the RIAI or AAI to run a small design competition (open) to investigate this activity and to provide innovative solutions.

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