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The whole Euro 2008 bid was a bit half-assed to he honest, and while you’ll probably find that most of the rival bids are similarly half-assed, ours was particularly bad. Apart from at this end having no stadiums, the Scots are proposing to use three stadiums in Glasgow, thats like sending out a written invitation to hooligans because there’ll be several groups based around the same city.

On the issue of the National Stadium, its obvious to all that its badly needed. The Croke Park thing is a feeble cop-out used by the anti-sport lobby such as Mary Hungry and her soon to be much smaller in number shower. The only people who want to see football or Rugby at Croke Park are know-nothing politicians, the FAI and IRFU are not even interested in playing there and quite rightly so. Who wants to be the GAA’s tenant and be at the mercy of their whims?

Just look at the state of the Lansdowne pitch during the USA game, never mind the state of the rest of the stadium. A stadium on a greenfield site is preferable to rebuilding Lansdowne, because we could still play at lansdowne while its being built rather than having no option but to play our games in a different country, say Liverpool otherwise. That would be a huge embarassment to the country, even more of a national embarassment than the state of Lansdowne, or the state of Mary Harney.

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