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i agree that irish football is not widely followed but with this new campus there may be a renewed interest in all sport and might spur on the interest…it would be nice to see all the stadiums around the country being improved so that maybe in all the major cities we have at least some quality stadiums…as regards the gaa, they are dragging there heels this morning on the issue of playing all sports on there pitches as they are worried about their local pitches being invaded…i say let them off because they are being f**kers about it build a state of the art campus and exclude them from all facilities. why does it need them to be on board?
i don’t see the reason why…they have their own stadium… as a football player and an avid fan i don’t understand the rugby aspect either as it will just make the pitch be like lansdowne…it was disgraceful for the last friendly…with a new stadium we can maybe get a champions league final,uefa cup final or something equally massive and the amount of revenue would be enormous…hopefully the pd’s will drop their small minded objections and like peter said earlier build it in phases to settle out the cost.

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