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Paul Clerkin

Sorry but you have offended….

I do my best, but I have no car or transport so I personally never leave the city….

Unlike Arcsoc who are funded by QUB and so have money… we get none from no-one… a concerted attempt last year to find a corporate sponsor got nowhere and took about a month of my time….

This site costs ME personally… out of my pocket some 3500 per annum…. thats not counting the 20-30 hours (thats nearly a full job on top of my dayjob) a week spend on getting new information and updates…. if i billed that out to a client, it would cost over 50,000 euros per annum to keep this site running…..

I am constantly appealing for more information from outside the pale, and few have answered…. so whatever buildings that are featured are based along the railway from daytrips….

I also always carry information on architectural events from outside the pale but again someone has to get me the information or I have to find it…. it just doesnt appear in my head by osmosis….

Most people do not have a clue how much effort it takes to persuade an architecture firm to provide information … they are most relunctant….. and as for the RIAI, I cannot even get on the press release mailinglist….

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