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John Callery

strange!!…. not as much as a word of concern from minister (of national monuments and many other things) Sile De Velera and her department Duchas on Treasury’s spec’ 3 model office blocks (650,000 ft sq) planned to face Duchas’s Kilmainham Gaol where her grandfather Eamon (past President of Ireland) and the only leader to survive execution after the 1916 rebellion was released as its last prisoner in 1922.

The residents of and tourists to Dublin’s historic Kilmainham in the year 2002 would gladly swap the proposal for the flat roofed model office blocks planned to stand opposite Kilmainham Gaol for BQ Enterprise’s good, bad or indifferent 103 bed hotel / tourist development that’s proposed to stand opposite Limerick’s historic King John’s Castle that’s causing so much concern to minister De Velera her department Duchas and the owner of Katy Daly’s pub.

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