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Try Dublin City Council Conservation Officer.

The general allowance is a max of £10K for half the cost of remedial works to superstructure for either weathering or structural repair purposes- roof repairs, re-pointing, new windows, repaired windows, chimney flue lining and repairs, underpinning foundations etc.

Internal works do not qualify and you can make one application and draw one grant per year.

Bear in mind however that funds are low and are usually given to the most ‘deserving’ causes – often buildings in a very dilapidated condition and usually list one.

That said – grant aid will eventually be approved although probably not immediately.

I think you are too late to benefit for 2002 but will need to apply in 2002 for grant aid in 2003.

You will probably need to get an architects report justifying the expenditure and specifying the works and yo uwill need to have possession of a valid tax clearance certificate at time and date of draw down.


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