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” On Heuston bridge, which is to be restored to its original state and will carry Luas passengers over the Liffey form Heuston Station, grit blasting and painting is progressing on schedule. The steel fabrication for the restored bridge is currently being manufactured and prepared off site and will be installed shortly “

– from the 6th report of the Light Rail Advisory & Action Group

Incidently, they’re just about finished laying the first section of track out my way (Tallaght) – its about 3km long and according to the Luas people there will be trams on it in 3 weeks or less, they’re just putting up the electrification poles at the moment…so at least things are moving in some parts of the city, should make our boring Tallaght street scapes a bit more interesting.

Also the report mentions that a “contract for public lighting along the Tallaght route is also progressing well and recently commenced in the O’Connell Street area” does anyone know what type of lighting will be installed?? … cheers, p.

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