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john white

Yes, I’ve often wondered about that.

Hawkins House for example – should it be demolished? Even if in time [100 years or so – if it lasts that long] we don’t realise our ignorance and recognise what a daring and supreme work of art it was? [Unlikely – but who can tell…] Perhaps it will stand as a glaring example of cheap 60/70’s architecture
and we’l be lucky to have it. Even just for nostalgia value.

I mean, think of all the Roman buildings and Byzanitine churches in Rome that ‘Il Ruinante’ [Bramante] pulled down in the belief that his work was more worthy.

Granted, his Tempietto is lovely but what did he destroy to create it? Imagine if the Renaissance ideology had really seized Venice; the so-called Barbaric Byzantine Palaces may have been cleansed to make way for the ‘Correct’ Classical Style like Palladio’s Church on Saint Giorgio Maggiore.

We could have ended up in a Neo – Classical
world. Hitler would have loved that.

Anyway… blah blah… wind bag I could go on.

Basically I agree that examples of ALL architecture should probably be preserved. It’s apity we can’t designate an out of the way site and move them all there – like a theme park.

Perhaps the question is:

If we’re to keep just ONE of each – what do we pick, the best or the worst?

Have a great week-end all

John White

The 16th Century Romans apparently said of Donato Bramante :

“Do you know he’s going to re-build Heaven? But with better access roads.”

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