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John Callery

Senior Member

Posted 24 November 2000 02:51pm

I’m familar with Kilmainham as being from Ballyfermot I used to pass it very regularly on my way to town. It is an area with great potential with the historic ‘Gaol’, courthouse, viking cemetary and the Royal Hospital as it’s centre pieces. An appropriate and sympathic development is really needed here. I remember in he late 80s/early 90s they constructed and enlarged a petrol station/garage right beside the jail and right across the road fom the (Francis Johnston, I think) castle-like entrance to the RHK. Although practile and needed the petrol station looks misplaced and well …….crap. Only recently too they pulled down a quaint little Victorian-like red brick cottage close by that had been in ruins for years a proper planning and development system is greatly needed here for the village to blossom as its full potential.

Posted 24 November 2000 03:00pm

…..but to add an appropriate and well thought design is needed…no run of the mill sub-urban industrial estate like office blocks or offensive patishe mock-ups.

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