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In principle i would not really have anything against the development in general. But, considering the importance of the site context something that is only ‘o.k.’ or ‘standard’ is not good enough.

I would have to say no to what is currently proposed.

The building looks (from the ‘generated images’) to be boringly monolithic in its colouring and to a lesser extent its ‘shapes’.
Maybe its seemingly overall grey colour is a nod to Kilmainham but, that building can get away with it because of the decorations and styles it has, that the proposed building does not seem to posses. In other words, the proposed building looks grey and fairly boring. I would not advocate a pastiche building because 1. They are useally not as good as the real thing & 2. the building is not physically attached to Kilmainham.

As for height, it looks like its setback a fair bit – set it back more and throw in a fully segragated bicycle path? Throw in a load of trees and some hard lanscaping – stone beches, and /or contemporary, steel and wood benchs (personal preference) – steps that can be used as seating, bike racks + cover for them, and so on.

Jazz up the design of the building – e.g. use some copper for roofing??

Stick a meaningful (& mixed tenure/tennent) residential element in it.

Are there any convenience shops (e.g. newsagents /grocers like ‘Spar’ near by?). Should one of those be specified as one of the retail units?

Overall, in my opinion the development is ‘alright’ but, not quite good enough for its context.

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