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Its snobbery. And contrary to popular beliefe snoddery is not found in the upper classes. These people’s parents worked their asses off in order to send their children to college thiking that it would make them better people, it has infact done the complete opposite.
A certain precentage of new developments must be made avalable for “social housing” (i’m sure you know the exact amount) and i’ve heard people say, why should we pay X amount when Johnny Nojob gets the same house for 20 euro a week, etc.
I’ve read about apartments in the docklands area where people have paid enormous amounts for a shoe box (why anybody would pay those proces in the first place is beyond me but the developers are happy and thats all the seems to matter) and right next door are “ordinary people” paying a realistic rent to the Corpo or “Dublin City Council” I see this only as a good thing.The sooner those people who turn their noses up at others because of where they live or what they work get down off (or fall off from a great height!) their high horse the better thise country will be for it.

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