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There is a lot of frustration in Cork at the moment at the pace of development , and it is not due to a lack of demand. The hotel/retail development at cornmarket Street turned down by BP was a major blow to a part of the city in dire need of investment. Similarly, on Carrols Quay, another office/residential development. A lot of concern within City Hall I would imagine, about this development inertia. There are a lot of projects ‘about to happen’ at the moment, you just feel that one or two will set the ball rolling. The Cork Docklands Plan announced recently, could be a catalyst in this regard. Produced by Urban Initiatives, it is an excellent plan, which i think has been passed by the Council, for an area which has excellent potential. Very Strong on Urban Design, Transport and Ownership issues. Otherwise, the Patrick Street redevelopment (by Beth Gali) is delayed, because the Corp. await on funding from sales of their lands in Mahon, which in turn awaits on the decision of BP relating to the mixed development on that land. Not really a good situation to be in. Plans to redevelop Train Station significantly as part of Docklands Project, as well as relocation of bus station. Cork at the moment has a lot of potential, and should be taking advantage of its second city status. It may lose out to other cities and to its suburbs, as it has done. Also, European City of Culture may effect some changes. We hope.

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